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Do you suspect a critter damage problem?


Is Raccoon, Bat and Opossum Damage a Covered Loss? Cleaning up their mess can be dangerous and very costly. Typically, cleanup methods include the physical removal of the contaminated attic insulation, duct insulation and debris. We always install engineering controls and critical barriers.
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Why Be Concerned About Raccoon Waste?

Most raccoons carry diseases that can spread to people & pets. The waste they leave behind in attics can seriously degrade the value of your greatest asset, your home. Building engineers routinely discover this damage on inspections prior to the sale of a home.


Raccoon Roundworm disease hits Brooklyn teen and baby - DAILY NEWS

A rare, deadly disease that has left an infant brain damaged and a teenager blind in one eye, has been detected in Brooklyn, the Daily News has learned.

The city’s Department of Health is on alert for Raccoon Roundworm, a disease contracted through contact with raccoon feces. It can cause permanent nerve damage and death. In the first case, a healthy infant who traveled to upstate New York last year started having seizures and spinal problems last October. The baby has been brain-damaged and hospitalized ever since. Then, in January, a Brooklyn teen who hasn’t left the city recently, lost sight in the right eye….

Warning! From the CDC

“No drugs have been demonstrated to be totally effective for the treatment of baylisascariasis“Human infections can be asymptomatic. However, because these larvae continue to grow and wander in the human host, infections often result in severe disease manifestations.”

Are Raccoons Responsible for Dog’s Death? - The Chronicle Herald

Pat Skeir says a disease found in raccoon urine put her dog through a slow and painful death. And now she’s worried that the provincial Natural Resources Department isn’t doing enough to control raccoons that are threatening other pets in her Halifax neighborhood. “It was such an awful death for him,” Ms. Skeir said in a phone interview Friday. “He had so many things wrong. He stopped eating. He just wanted to lay there.”…

Need a Trapper?

We don’t catch the raccoons, bats and opossums, we just clean up and repair the damages after they have been removed. If you need a professional trapper, call our office for a great recommendation”.

Paul Napolitano, President


Handling every aspect of the bat damage claim process

“Dear Paul, We want to thank you and your team at Critter Cleanup NY for handling every aspect of the process of cleaning up our severe bat damage at our Westchester County home.

After learning of the bat damage in our attic, we contacted our insurance agent and he recommended you and your firm to rectify the problem. Your knowledge, professionalism and personal involvement was very much appreciated.

You contacted our insurance company and handled the entire process with the claims adjuster, including multiple communications with the insurance company, as well as personally accompanying the insurance adjuster while he surveyed the damage. Shortly thereafter, we were given the go ahead and the clean up process began. Your crew was always very professional, courteous and extremely neat, and, in a few days, our entire attic was cleaned, disinfected and had new insulation installed.

We are so pleased with the professional manner in which you and your firm handled our problem and we would highly recommend your services to our family, friends and neighbors.

Thanks for all your help,

Paul. F.”


Dear Mr. Paul Napolitano:
I want to take this opportunity to commend your crew during the cleanup of my attic this past summer.
They were very courteous and extremely neat. Your crew chief, Marcello, was one of the most honest men I can imagine.
While we were throwing things out from the attic, I told the crew to through away a chest with spoons, forks and knives. Marcello brought the chest back to me and said these might be sterling silver and insisted that I not throw them out. I took them to a jeweler and had them tested and they were sterling silver and worth thousands of dollars!
My hat’s off to him and his crew. Job well done! Most of all, for his trustworthiness.
Thank you again,

Eleanor M.”

Expert knowledge of insurance claims process

Dear Paul,

My husband and I want to thank you and your workers for all your help during our recent raccoon damage. Your knowledge concerning the cleanup and working with our insurance company was very helpful. If it weren’t for your determination and patience, I am sure that the insurance company would not have covered the damage.

Your workers were wonderful. They protected my house during the cleanup so that other areas of the house were not affected by the debris. They arrived on time and were very professional. The other workers that you hired to fix the roof and paint were excellent.

It was a pleasure working with you. I would highly recommend your company to family and friends who are in need of your service. Thank you for caring and making sure that the job was done correctly.


Roni R.”

All the work was completed to my extreme satisfaction. No detail was left unattended to.

Dear Paul,

Several months ago I experienced one of the most traumatic events that ever happened to me in my lifetime. If it were not for the swift and professional services of Critter Cleanup, and especially Paul Napolitano, I do not think I honestly would have been able to get through it.

I had a number of raccoons that invaded my attic through a louvered attic fan, a kitchen exhaust pipe, and also had a few living under my deck in the yard. The eight raccoons brought with them an infestation of fleas into my home, my crawlspace adjacent to my deck and also half of my yard. My exterminator told me he had never seen an infestation like this in the 28 years he has been in business.

I was recommended to Critter Cleanup by two respected people I know. My neighbor who is an insurance broker and used this company regarding a loss on her vacation home and was very satisfied with them, and the wildlife company who removed all the raccoons. I interviewed a few companies and decided that Critter Cleanup was the only company that could do the environmental cleanup to my satisfaction, especially since my problem was so severe. I had confidence in Paul Napolitano.

Mr. Napolitano came to my home and assured me that he would “take charge” of the situation from beginning to end, which was a huge relief to me. He also realized I was in no frame of mind or condition to be negotiating with insurance companies and their adjusters.

Paul scheduled my work as soon as the insurance company gave him the go ahead. He and his crew of men and women showed up on time and were truly professional and experienced in what they had to do. Mr. Napolitano also understood the toxic nature of how raccoons can infect a dwelling and how this can affect people‘s health which was a major concern of mine.

All of the work was completed to my extreme satisfaction. No detail was left unattended to. The equipment they used was up to the standards of quality. The employees under the direction of Mr. Napolitano were all very respectful to me and tried in every way to give me their full assistance with this huge problem I had.

I would not ever hesitate to recommend Mr. Napolitano and Critter Cleanup to anyone who has experienced a loss in their home or business. They are truly a first-class operation.


Annette B.”

Doctor recounts "Opossum Invasion"

To whom it may concern:
I recently had the occasion to work with Paul Napolitano of Critter Cleanup.
My home was the scene of an ‘opossum invasion’ in an unfinished portion of my basement. It has been a horrific few months of stench, filth, chewed wires, dead animals in the ceiling and most horrific of all, an unbelievably bad flea infestation as a result of the opossums. The basement was swarming with them. Despite intensive professional extermination, the fleas were back in less than a week. My dog and I were the recipients of an amazing amount of flea bites. The flies that followed the decaying carcass (hidden in a portion of my ceiling) were also a horror show.
The only bright light in all of this, was the interactions with Paul Napolitano and his amazingly professional cleanup and renovation crew. Paul was always available, either by phone, text or email. I was hysterical for much of the summer. He was always responsive and supportive. He worked expertly with my insurance company and the adjuster, sparing me the time, effort and aggravation.
His crew came in, cleaned out the basement, carefully attending to things that needed to be saved, protected the rest of the house from exposure, and worked efficiently to clean the amazingly filthy closets and ceiling spaces that had been so damaged by opossum infestation. He found a carcass in a remote part of the ceiling that would have been an ongoing source of maggots, flies and fleas for me. The renovations were handled just as seamlessly. He had his dumpster people come in over the weekend to remove the dumpster so I could park in my driveway before I had to take my son back to college upstate!
The basement is finally usable again. My flea bite scars are fading. This was one horrific summer. I never ever want to go through anything like this again. But, if I had to, Paul Napolitano and Critter Cleanup are the only people I would consider using.

Sheryl B., MD”

High quality, polite & professional

Dear Paul,
I want to send you this note of thanks for the excellent work that you and your team performed in my attic and surrounding areas. I appreciate the fact that you kept in communication with us throughout the job and that you properly managed our expectations. The work was done very quickly and with minimal disturbance. I am very satisfied with the high quality of work and very polite and professional attitude of all of your workers.
Because my insurance company suggested I use their pre-approved contractor to do the work, I was concerned that I would not be able to use your services. However, they were flexible, and you worked out an agreed price with them to do the work. This put us at ease because we were concerned that another firm may not have your credentials.
I look forward to using your services in the future if the need arises. Thanks again.

Andrew M.”

Got insurance company to reverse denial

“Dear Paul:
Thank you and your crew so much for the thorough and professional work you performed for my wife and I at our home in Dix Hills. N.Y.
We were so concerned and dismayed when our insurance company declined our coverage for raccoon damage. You worked hard and efficiently with our agent and the insurance company to get them to reverse their decision.

Our utmost concern was that our home would be sanitized and made safe for grandchildren and you made us feel confident in your abilities throughout the process.

Thank you very much,

Meryl & Dennis”

Handled everything directly with the insurance company


I just wanted to write to thank you for the way you managed the problems caused by the raccoon which took up residence in our attic.

It is not just that you did the work promptly and completely, but the fact that you handled everything directly through our insurance company, made it so easy for us in every way.

I appreciate your work and professionalism.

Thank you,

Dan E.”

Crew left my home spotless

“Dear Paul,”
In today’s world of service, when I find a company that exceeds my expectations, I like to show my appreciation, and so therefore, this letter to Critter Cleanup, and you in particular.
As you know, I was a customer who was a little apprehensive of the cost, safety, cleanliness and especially the insurance coverage.
Each evening, your very courteous men left my home absolutely spotless. You assured me that I had nothing to worry about…that everything would be cleaned up each day, that the air would be safe and afford no existing hazards, but most of all that all would be covered by the insurance company and there would be no out of pocket expenses on my part. The insurance company was a particular concern. Your trustworthiness showed forth when you explained that you would not start a job until you had a definite O.K. on all costs from the insurance company.
Everything you assured me of was true, and I am therefore, another satisfied customer of Critter Cleanup.
Thank you again, Paul. I will not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone in need.

Rosemary H.”

Went beyond what was expected or even necessary

Dear Paul,
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the exceptional work cleaning the mess left behind in my home by raccoons. You were extremely courteous and professional. You went beyond what was expected and even necessary. You followed up with my insurance company and relayed all pertinent information to me. You even went so far as to follow up on the roofing repairs despite that this was not part of your responsibility.
I cannot thank you enough for expediting your work. Having three children I feared the risk of bacteria being transmitted to my children by the raccoons, however you quickly put my fears to rest by completing the work swiftly and efficiently and handling all the paperwork. When the work was complete, no one would have known there was a gaping hole in my kitchen ceiling. In short, you and your staff are amazing, and I would highly recommend Critter Cleanup to anyone who would require your services.

Ivette S.”

We realized we had to get a company that specialized in this

Paul Napolitano and crew,

I wanted to take the time to thank Paul Napolitano and his crew for the outstanding job they did with the cleanup and repair of my raccoon damage.

I had a family of raccoons living above my home office for some time. After we trapped and released them, a few months later they were back. I was researching online how to get rid of these raccoons from coming back and as I read more and more it was alarming all the damage raccoons can do and did, and the scariest part is all the disease and toxins that they have and leave behind.

My husband and I realized we had to get a company that specializes in this area to do it right, and we definitely picked the right company.

I called Paul from Critter Cleanup and he was one of the nicest people. He was very understanding and very detailed on how the process works and why it is necessary. He came to my house that day and assessed the damage and clean up. Paul also dealt with my insurance company to ensure all my damage and clean up was covered. We all know that can be a grueling process.

The cleanup crew arrived at my house the first day and I didn’t know what to expect. I was worried about all mess, dust and whatever the raccoons left behind, getting all over my house. Well my mind was set at years very shortly. Paul’s screen up clue was extremely neat and meticulous! I have had many repair crews in my house over the years and I would always have to put plastic down, up and around, to ensure my house didn’t turn into a chaotic construction site. Plus to clean up after would be a day off of work for me. But Paul’s crew was a dream! They cleaned up after themselves each day! I didn’t have to lift a finger. I was amazed!! On the third day the repair crew came and again…. extremely professional and detailed.

I have to say, from dealing with the insurance company to the last trash bag in the dumpster, this company was by far the best! What a wonderful, flawless job. I wish I could hire them to do all the other work needed in my house.

Thank you again for everything.

Jill S.”